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“If you love 50s rock n roll then you can do no better than to go to a Roosters gig. These 3 talented musicians will keep you dancing with the rock n roll songs that you love, but with a Rooster twist. This is a band not be be missed.”  Shirley Rose

“I’m at Jack Lilley.
You guys are amazing. X”   Molly Frost

” Hi partner. See you soon”  Will Warren

“I have to confess I made a HUGE mistake by not booking ‘The Roosters’ sooner! So if there are any clubs looking for a top band then ‘The Roosters’ really are it. Very few bands can boast that they can keep the dance floor busy all night but that’s exactly what Kevin Swain and the guys did. Thank you all for making our dance such a brilliant night. You will be back at Ruby’s I promise….we even had a special guest appearance by Mick Skilton on bass.”  Surrey Jive Club


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