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Roosters’ next Gig

17th August



Thank you to Surrey Jive for these comments:

I have to confess I made a HUGE mistake by not booking ‘The Roosters’ sooner! So if there are any clubs looking for a top band then ‘The Roosters’ really are it. Very few bands can boast that they can keep the dance floor busy all night but that’s exactly what Kevin Swain and the guys did. Thank you all for making our dance such a brilliant night. You will be back at Ruby’s I promise….we even had a special guest appearance by Mick Skilton on bass.

Need a soundman?

Kevin Swain is one of the best soundmen on the circuit. Contact him on 07956 347056 if you are looking for an amazing sound for your gigs.







Looking for a top UK Rock ‘n’ Roll band to get you & your guests up dancing all night? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Roosters, are a 3 piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band of dedicated musicians, travelling throughout the UK.

Having played in many of the top rock ‘n’ roll locations, the band members have played on the rockin’ 50’s scene for many years.

Their 4 albums – Rocket Trip, Crazy Party,  Rockin & Flying & Henhouse Riot – incorporate many well known rock ‘n’ roll songs from the 50s together with some lesser known ones – each played in their own individual Rooster style.

To order either email your order to roostersrocknroll@btinternet.com or pay via paypal to shirley004@btinternet.com leaving your address.

£12 including p&p  

Special offer – order Rocket Trip and get any of these for £5 each plus p&p